View Full Version : I'm conflicted!

23-04-2005, 19:47
Since the site was hacked and the new software installed, I've been getting conflicting, as I understand it, info from the new software.

It looks splendid and appears to have a number of nice features that the site didn't have before, but it sometimes tells me that I'm not a registered user when I log in. On those occasions, it still notes the last time I visited the site (both date and time) and shows that it recognizes "Zcyka" by name, as it is doing during this visit to the site (in this window, it now says I'm logged in). If I recall correctly, it sometimes presents the opportunity to view the postings since my last visit - today it's not presenting that opportunity and, when I selected that option from the search page, the software didn't think there were any new posts since I last visited, yet there clearly are some very interesting posts!

Oh, well. Life is interesting. Actually, I started this post just to see if I was recognized or not and it looks like I am. :) :) I'll get the hang of it.... :p


23-04-2005, 19:53
I found it! I found it! :):)

Now, for a visit to the optician and a new pair of glasses! ! ! ! ;)