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21-04-2005, 13:48
Is the Ismolova open or burned down or what? Anybody been there since the fire?

21-04-2005, 14:08
was at the vernisazh. everything there is fine. no changes. You can still get all the Dvds and matrioshkas your heart desires :)

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21-04-2005, 14:11
Crikey girl, you're talkin to an 'Merican here. What's a vernisazh?

So Ismomova is open for business, yes?

21-04-2005, 14:17
you know that part of ismailovo where they sell all the souvenirs and dvds etc? it's called vernisazh. ismailovo? i don't know. but that part of the market is definetly up and running!

21-04-2005, 16:03
Here is a message from the expat list from three days ago. Hope it helps:

francoise rigard <francoiserigard@hotmail.com> to expat
More options Apr 18 (3 days ago)

The market is workng. What has burned was the small wooden hotel.

You have 2 levels in Izmlailovo, even without buidlings.

On the ground one, which is the one where you enter, coming from the metro, the ground floor is where you find the artcraft objects. In the back of the ground floor you might find some bronze objects.

And if you go up the outside stairs, you arrive at the level where you can buy paintings, carpets and there is also, along the paitning section, the flea market.

21-04-2005, 17:07
suppose different spelling in different languages..
you might ismailovsky park ( that's where it is, with the metro staion of the same name) is a giant fleamarket..
if yo uare a regular, you can find super things, if you just come once in awhile or are a poor tourist, you might get ripped off ( if you let yourself!)
like in / at any other fleamarket i nthe world, might that be the plaka i nathens, the naschmarkt in vienna, or any others...

21-04-2005, 17:17
i know the vernisage, vernisazh pretty well. it's fine. nothing happened to it. so feel free to go buy dvds and stuff there. that's what i meant. sorry it wasn't clear.

Green Tea
25-04-2005, 10:23
Yes, I was there this past weekend. Nothing has changed. It seems only one part was burned down, at the far end. All the souvenir stands, shashlik BBQ's, immigrant vendors, etc. are all still there.

Oh, and on a personal note, big thanks to the Uzbek vendor who sold me 2 pairs of trousers for 500 rubles. They are the most comfortable trousers I've ever owned :)

25-04-2005, 10:34
when I went there in March the DVD guys either weren't there or had moved. Where did they go?