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13-06-2010, 02:26
Wonder if there are any early twenties expats/russians here in the forum? Would like to meet up with some cool personalities around my age group. I'm 22 male by the way. Would be awesome to hang out at the bar/cafe discussing just about anything or seeping pints along with the world cup hype cheering on a team.

13-06-2010, 08:47
Il be there in August if youl still be around... would like to hang out... How long you rthere for?? What you doin in Moscow???

13-06-2010, 08:48
I'm 22 btw... love football:) beer:) and a good time....

13-06-2010, 11:59
Hi Evan :)
I have met and made friends with lots of people on this site, but there aren't many of us here in our early twenties. With the exception of one person, everyone else that I have met is mid to late twenties and onwards.
I haven't really read many introductions of late, so maybe there are a few more now.
Maybe when Giggens gets here, we can have an early twenties party, with all three of us! :mml:

13-06-2010, 13:01
Hi Giggens, AussieinMoscow, you guys from down under? that's awesome. I'm doing medical studies here in moscow at Sechenova. I'll be here for another good 3years+. The party sounds like a plan! :P btw, the world cup ends on 11th july. Can't we make it earlier? :D

13-06-2010, 22:28
Are you looking for expats/Russians born in early 20s? You should talk to 2ndWind

13-06-2010, 22:39
Being a bit older than 29 even, I do not even disturb you with my presence, gents and ladies!

13-06-2010, 23:20
Women in their early 20s are delightful company, but boys in their early 20s just need a good slap.

13-06-2010, 23:30
Women in their early 20s are delightful company

Not me

13-06-2010, 23:32
Not me

Less than 20 or not delightful?

The third variant?

13-06-2010, 23:34
Not me

Some women in their early 20s.......

14-06-2010, 01:33
2ndwind? hmm i will give him a pm. would be great to have someone who's aware of upcoming events where i can cover with photography too. even awesome if he's into photography. cheers mate! great week ahead!