View Full Version : for sale 'creative writing whole self teaching course

11-06-2010, 11:24
From the 'Writers Burau' UK<Meaning it is all in english
9 handbooks:
write to exite
punktuation and spelling
how to write your text book
on writing a novel
profit from your photography
series and sitkoms
information research- how to approach it
writing the category romance
a cassette: writing radio Drama
10 books
from making a writer out of you
how to sell your writing
travel writing
present your work
writing for TV
writing for stage
writing short stories
how to write humorous articles

all together in a folder, booklets with no coffee stains:rasta: writings or notes, meaning nice and clean.:SwoonLoveSmiley:

it helped me a lot to develop my writing style but since i do not pursue it any further it just gathering dust in my cup board and taking up space.

when it was new the whole thing cost me 500$, make me an offer but no jokes :cool:please and not peanuts.
the course is a serious piece of self teaching and definitely worth the money. it was to me.

11-06-2010, 13:47
I am interested, but I need more information. Please PM. Thank you.