View Full Version : Islamic banking 'goes mainstream'

18-04-2005, 22:06
Well, I noticed this article, on the BBC web site today. It goes something like this...

The Lloyds TSB account will offer no interest or overdraft facilities, as under Islamic law the receipt and payment of interest is forbidden.

The introduction of the account follows the opening of a specialist Islamic bank in the UK last year.

Gordon Rankin of Lloyds TSB said its new account would make Islamic banking "mainstream".

"Our research shows that over three-quarters of British Muslims want banking services that fit with their faith.

Now I don't know if anybody's gonna agree with me here...But, hey I've got news for Lloyds Bank, and all the others too...Paying interest is also again'st my religion too...Especially the interest they charge. Guess who'll be and who is paying for this service...My (Christian) relion . Thisnk I might convert, with all the things other religions are getting on the cheap now.:rolleyes: