View Full Version : The boxing lover's link.

10-06-2010, 01:04
Who loves boxing? I do and in fact if I hadn't decided to go to the Merchant Navy at 16 I feel I could have been a great professional boxer. Many told me so,

My heroes were Cassius Clay or Muhammid Ali. Also Barry Mguegen. Excuse the spelling of names if they are wrong.

Have you got any good links of greatest fights? Let us start off with The Muhammid Ali movie of which I loved so much. But even so, there is nothing better than watching the best fights for real. Has anybody got the links of their favourite fight. I hope so.

What are your favourites No doubt there are many with Mahammid Ali, Barry Mguegan, Henry Cooper, and even Rocky Marciano.

But for now watch this if you you haven't seen it before or would love to see it again.