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01-10-2003, 13:31
ďA real curiosity
Hello Site. I have a question that I hope is taken in the spirit it was intended. While it may sound a bit critical I really would like to know.

Why are there still so many monuments to communism here in Moscow?

I have seen five statues of Lenin. A Hammer and Sickle Icon, and countless Star Emblems.

My thought on this was that Russians would not want to have some many reminders of such a big failure decorating their city. Is that not how Russians see it?

Not to make an unfair comparison, but can you imagine if Berlin were still decorated with Swastikas and Statues of Hitler? It would seem totally innaproprite. So why the homage to Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle?

Can people give their opinions. Especially Russians. Maybe I am not looking at it correctly.Ē

I just read all the replies & what amazes me is that not one person here has even considered the obvious well to me at least. If you pull down all the monuments then Russia is just another new state. Why keep them up, how about all the tourists that come here just to see that stuff. Beside from the buss. Expat community, who comes here & why? The answer is Tourists & they donít come for the sunny beaches. Now this may not be the real reason behind it but if all those things were completely removed Leninís tomb etc. do people on this site really think people would want to come here. I know there are an abundant other things cultural treasures here (in Russia) to see the Hermitage in St. Petersburg to name one. But the real appeal or interest in traveling to this country if you were to ask travelers was the very fact that it was a communist state & people want to see evidence of that.

01-10-2003, 13:41
"1. Most Russians consider Lenin as having made a positive influence on Russia. (At least according to recent poll)
2. Regardless of how you may look at Lenin, he's like a Russian George Washington or some ****."

Most Russian have nothing to do with the ? Its the same here as else where the power that be control.

Broadmoor Bob
01-10-2003, 13:49
The statues will quietly disappear, as the older, brainwashed, Lenin-nostalgic generation passes on. No sense making an issue out of it - and I am writing from an office with a statue of Lenin in the courtyard, which I occasionally honor with a one-gun salute, but usually ignore. Still, some oldsters place flowers on the statue, and until these old folks pass on, what is the point of taking away their memories, deluded though they may be?

01-10-2003, 15:12
From what I understand, Bob, Lenin statues only come in seven "poses". I like the one of him hailing a cab, best. ;-)))

01-10-2003, 15:18
Hahaaaaaaa - thank, Fa-Q, didn`t even notice it..... "Taxi !! " ;-))))))))))))))))