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08-04-2005, 15:07
I have ploughed through bluebird's post which was all very informative but what I really need to know is about registration. However, I haven't lived in the UK for 7 years and I suspect I'm not on any electoral register. I've also not registered with the embassy.
Would any of these be insurmountable problems to exercising my democratic right?
Also, is the election being shown anywhere in Moscow?
By the way, this is not ammunition for a long, convoluted, heated debate, I just want some clear information.
Thank you

DJ Biscuit
08-04-2005, 15:24
Same here. Lived abroad for ten years. Not paid tax in UK for all of that time. Can I vote? I suspect not if I haven't made NI or tax payments in that time.

08-04-2005, 16:08
to apply for a postal vote. Too late to be registed on the electoral role. Makes you think that they don't want you to vote - (80% of postal votes are Tory except in Bradford)

In general, you have 15 years (used to be 20) to apply to the Returning Officer at the last constituency you were registered in (by post only) and they will reinstate you. Tax, N.I not relevant - interesting take on the Yank revolt - "no representation without taxation"

DJ Biscuit
08-04-2005, 16:27
I'm in the other 20%. Maybe they'll make an exception. ;)

Thanks for the info'.

08-04-2005, 16:35
Dam & Blast the Monster Raving Loony Party needed my vote !!