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27-05-2010, 17:58
Will be really grateful if anyone here could recommend good language teaching schools to work with, some places you have experience with.
Posting this for my friend who would like to teach English in Moscow.
Being a professional language teacher myself, I do recommend him to anyone who needs to improve their English, make it more sophosticated (that is, more business-like, fill it with idioms, develop a better and more authentic style of expressing yourself in English, etc) but what can he realistically hope to find with schools in Moscow?
Here is his brief CV -
American guy, 35 y.o..
degree in Arts, Art Institute of California.
degree in Theology, some Seminary in California (don't know the name).
Has no teaching degree, but some experience, has awesome people skills, very patient and has a great personality. I do know some people who used to work as English teachers in Moscow with degrees other than teaching, as I have worked at some schools myself.
The only reason why he doesn't have whatever teaching certificate is because that takes time and money to obtain, and he is not willing to make English teaching the career of his life, just to do it for a year or two in Moscow.
He lived in Moscow all of last year and worked with a religious organization, just got back a few days ago and is looking for classes (not on a religious worker visa anymore). Is also looking for possibilities of obtaining a visa through a school and change his current visa.
Please let me know what options with work he would have, and if there is a chance to get work with work visa support.
With regards.

27-05-2010, 18:04
why doesn't your friend ever post for himself?

31-05-2010, 10:28
I can recommend the Anglo-American School if you are looking for an excellent full-curriculum school (IB/PYP) for children PK-12.


31-05-2010, 10:51
why doesn't your friend ever post for himself?

I've been wondering that for quite some time lol