View Full Version : If you don't think this is hysterical...

27-05-2010, 12:11
...don't worry, it means your already dead!

YouTube- Funniest Commercial Ever

27-05-2010, 15:31
....or it means that you are a practising Catholic! :p

27-05-2010, 15:37
I don't have a sound card in my computer at work. But believe me, I heard him yell! Even got some goose bumps. ;-)
An anecdote on the topic:
-Do you like children?
-No! But the process itself...

27-05-2010, 22:40
"....or it means that you are a practising Catholic!"

practicing Catholics are allowed to laugh!

28-05-2010, 00:01
Oh, I like this old advertising (as far as I remember it was co-ads of Tesco and the producer of the condoms),

We studied this case at Marketing courses where there was a part "how to suit customers' insight by means of correct marketing message".

I would say, the ad was perfect from all points of view!

28-05-2010, 15:05
Father and son in supermarket.

"Dad, what are these?"

"That's a 3pack of condoms son for secondary school lads. 1 for Friday night, 1 for Saturday night and 1 for Sunday night."

"What about the 6pack dad?"

"Those are for University lads. 2 for Friday night, 2 for Satuday night and 2 for Sunday night."

"Well dad, what about the 12pack then?"

"Married men son. 1 for January, 1 for February, 1 for March ..."

28-05-2010, 15:42
ouch......that's a nice one!