View Full Version : Writings on the wall (of the loo)

Insane Squeezer
07-04-2005, 07:34
I witnessed a disussion like this:

A: Since God created the gays it means He wants them to exist.
B: If God is a Creator, He has the right to eliminate the creatures he created wrongfully, and so He may eliminate the gays too.
C: But people enjoy a free will, and so, as Professor Thompson said, they may decide, is the existence of the part of them right or wrong?
D: Incorrect! It would be ridiculous for the pots to judge if the potter was right or wrong creating them, okay?
E: C, I've never said that rubbish. I am Professor Thompson.

Now guess, where I saw that theological exchange.
All this is written in the Hart House, UoT.
Well, to be precise, on the wall of a loo cabin in the Hart House.
I bet, one can never find something like this in any WC in the world but that of a university!