View Full Version : Another one bites the dust... Prince Rainier of Monaco at 81

06-04-2005, 17:13
My bet on the next famous name to leave this earth is Michael Jackson. People who knew him in the 80's and 90's are popping up and accusing him of messing around with little boys...

I bet he goes (by his own hand) before June.

06-04-2005, 17:25
Dam I hope he doesn't that would stuff up a lucky 15 I got running ...

Yeltsin next ...thanks !!


DJ Biscuit
06-04-2005, 17:31
Micheal Jackson 'popping off by his own hand'!

Sounds about right!!


06-04-2005, 17:35
Got him in a double with the archbishop of Canterbury......
What about Jim Bowen, Yelstin and Maggie Thatcher in a cross-treble..................

06-04-2005, 17:37

06-04-2005, 17:37
OJ Simpson go to Florida on vacation!


"Well, when I first seen him, officer, he wuz a-comin' right at me, an' I was afeered fer me life...!"

06-04-2005, 17:41
Anybody ever watch the Jackson 5 cartoon back in the day?