View Full Version : how much money do you spend a year in russia?

03-04-2005, 05:30

i am thinking about to move to moscow and stay there for 3 to 5 years, may be even longer.

since it is difficult to find a job, i need to think about how much money i need for this. i want to fit into at least the middle of expat community, or i do not come at all.

i understand it totally depends on life style.

so i ask this question, how much money do you spend in a year in russia?

1. it is the your actual, not your should, you wish. for example for the year of 2004.

2. it is for you only. if you have 3 persons live together, please divide it or count only you, one person.

3. it should include all your "free" corporate fringe benefits in a market price, such as house or car. It will be very helpful if you can disclose it in a seperate post.

4. if you can post more about your situation, such as city, employment, or household information, it will be even better.



03-04-2005, 09:43
I spent a lot less before I got married :)

Oh and there are a number of people who spend a lot more than 70K$ a year.... but they probably dont look at this board... they have a butler to do that for them :)

04-04-2005, 10:36
What with the price of beer in the Albion and all the skinflints i hang around with, could you add an option for $100k+!

Seriously, sqcvb5, i don't think you're going to get many replies to a question like that and i doubt anyone is going to reveal much about themsleves after/if having answered the first question.

If i was spending $70K+ a year i wouldn't share that info.

05-04-2005, 19:34
Originally posted by Braders
If i was spending $70K+ a year i wouldn't share that info.

Well I guess the result of that poll speaks for itself. And yes Braders, you are right: everything beyond that info its absolutly private!

06-04-2005, 00:58
like anywhere - you spend what you can afford to...

06-04-2005, 04:17
Originally posted by boscoe
like anywhere - you spend what you can afford to...
yep, true, but like anywhere - you dont really play an open deck on your spendings because "Big Brother" and the tax-department is watching you;)

04-06-2005, 20:34
... many spend more than they can afford and try to spread it out onto as many creditcards as possible, hoping that the repayment at the end of the month will be less than their present salary, or defer re-payment, counting on the chrismas bonus / salary increase to pay back the whole sum at once.

10-06-2005, 02:44
I am retired (Military), and spend a lot.

I live in Astrakhan going on my 3rd year (some thing cheaper, electronic (and such), is more expesive than Moscow area.

It is really you spend what you have, I could live "Ok" here for under 15k a year (meat included).