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Ranosha K
09-05-2010, 19:43
Hi I am new here I have found an article from Internet: “Health Benefits of Belly Dancing”

Belly dance is a Western term for a traditional Culture of Arabs dance which is also known as raqs sharqi or sometimes raqs baladi (means "dance of country", and so "folk" dance). It is also sometimes called "Middle Eastern Dance", "Arabic Dance" or “Belly Dancing” in the United States.

For centuries, the role of Oriental dance in Middle Eastern society has been that of a folk dance that people would do at joyous occasions such as weddings, the birth of a child, community festivals, and other events that bring people together to party. It was a dance which men, women, and children did for fun, not a "performance" done to entertain an audience. Just as Americans at a modern-day wedding reception might do waltzes, two-steps, or even the chicken dance, so people in the Middle East would get up with their friends to shimmy to their favorite music.
The Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck, working with the body instead of against it. There is a wealth of health benefits awaiting those who practice this form of dance.

Improved posture and muscle toning - During the dance, the movements of hip drops, circles, figure eights, and shimmies put the joints and ligaments in the lower back and hip through a full range of gentle, repetitive motion. This movement helps increase the flow of synovial fluid (nature's lubricant) in these joints.

Weight loss – Belly Dancing can burn up to 300 calories per hour. This estimate will vary, of course, depending on the intensity of your dancing.

Stress reduction - The repetitive movements of the dance and the concentration needed to do them can help a mind filled with daily stress to "let go" for a while and relax.

Aiding digestion - Exercising the abdominal area, not just by rolling the belly, but also by swaying the torso, helps food move along the digestive system.

09-05-2010, 20:37
Although i agree with almost all the points, I wouldn't say it is a particularly effective weight loss tool at only 300 calories an hour. Sure it is better than nothing but any slight to moderate exercise will do the same and likely more(and 1 hour of belly dancing would be a challenge-though i would love to see it). I was surprised, considering the vigorous of dancers i have seen(every restaurant in the last country i in had arabic dances with every meal). They seem to put more energy into it than 300 calories. I googled "calorie weight loss for exercise" and put in a woman's weight at 120 pounds and those figures seem about accurate. I would think it is more. Excellent for flexibility and muscle tone, no question and a great tradition to be maintained.

For those who don't know 1 pound of fat loss requires 3500 calories (or 11 hours of belly dancing).

22-07-2010, 15:23
I used to bellydance everyday for about an hour; and now that I haven't been able to for almost 6 months my body has turned to crap. I miss my bellydance body! My legs, hips, arms and waist were much more defined and muscle-ish, now I feel like a blob.

Okay there are a lot of fat bellydancers, more than other dance forms, because there is no body requirement to be a good bellydancer. Also they often wear skimpy costumes and you notice a lot more. Are they really fatter than the average person or just the average performer?

Anyway bellydance doesn't help much to get a flat stomach. Only diet cardio and crunches will do that. However it will help you lose weight if you do it enough, because a lot of the moves are a good cardio workout, like shimmies and travelling steps.

Dolgoprudny Neil
22-07-2010, 21:51
One of my neighbours is a bellydancing teacher (that is she teaches bellydancing, not bellydances whilst teaching)

If anyone is interested I could pass it on to her.

After years of playing rugby (and relaxing afterwards) my belly manages to dance all by itself.:beerbros:

27-07-2010, 15:12
on average Russian women are better at belly dancing than Arab or Turkish women