View Full Version : Horse riding and the dacha experience in Staritsa, Tver region

Uncle Pasha
09-05-2010, 11:28
Four hours from Moscow, then another hour of your classic last mile situation. On the Volga. Rafting, cave exploration. Quiet and very inexpensive ($50 cover accommodation, food, and unlimited horse riding). English-speaking instructor can be made available. Inexpensive car ride from Tver or even from Moscow can be arranged. Consider a stopover in Staritsa on your way from Moscow to Saint-Patersburg. For details please see www.russian-horse-rides.com

Uncle Pasha
12-11-2010, 08:38
Free ride! The catch is that during the ride or while there you'll have to do a bit of English conversation practice with a somewhat lazy 11 year old boy. You must not speak a word of Russian not to tempt the kid into taking the easy way. $50/day dacha/horses upkeep contribution will be expected however.

Leaving Saturday morning (Nov. 13 2010) fairly but not too early to be there around the middle of the day.