View Full Version : One of those days!!

24-03-2005, 17:16
Have you ever had a day that was a complete disaster? The day started by coming out of bed and getting tangled in the bedding and falling on my face. It went down from there. Hot tea spilled on my shirt. Sweet and sour sauce soon followed. I am not in the office very often and now I know I should stay away more. Replace ink cartidge and drop it on the desk. Messy, messy,messy. Those were the high points. Time for drinking and hope tomorrow will be better. Thanks for listening.

24-03-2005, 17:19
such day can happen to anybody
the best solution,probably is really to stay at home, at least that keeps you away from more dangerous things like cars... heavy machinery ;-\...

24-03-2005, 17:20
your day's not over yet...if drink is the plan (and why not?) zip that wallet up buddy!