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Andy B
23-03-2005, 18:04
What the hell is going on here?

Australia Deports Paedophile To Britain
A serial paedophile who has spent half his life behind bars for attacking children is to be deported back to Britain - as a free man.Robert Excell is being released from jail in Australia on condition he returns to the country of his birth.The 66-year-old is regarded as one of Australia's worst child abusers.

He was put in jail in Perth in 1965 for an attack on a seven-year-old boy.

Since then he has been paroled three times and reoffended on all three occasions.

He is being freed primarily because of his poor health and age but psychologists say he still poses a "moderate" risk of reoffending.

Excell - who emigrated to Australia as a child but never became a citizen - will be put on the UK sex offenders' register when he arrives back in Britain.

However, he will not face parole terms.

The decision to release him is an about-turn from the state's authorities, as Western Australia's Attorney General Jim McGinty said two years ago that he would never be freed.

Relatives of Excell's victims have expressed outrage that he is being released.

However Maxine Excell, who married him in the 1980s and will travel with him to Britain, has said she is certain he will not commit any more offences.

(taken from Yahoo)

DJ Biscuit
23-03-2005, 22:31
Is this 'tit for tat' diplomacy? If so it obviously works VERY slowly down there! ;)

23-03-2005, 23:00
Originally posted by DJ Biscuit
Is this 'tit for tat' diplomacy? If so it obviously works VERY slowly down there! ;)

Quiet you, or you'll be getting Ned Kelly next!