View Full Version : Login bug, I think

28-07-2003, 14:54
The following is not a complaint, just a report.

It appears that if I log in and select the forums options, the NEXT time I select the forums option, the system will give me a message indicating that it thinks I have entered an incorrect password.

The first time I log in and select the forums option I have NO PROBLEM unless I select the forums option again later in the session.

To avoid this problem, if I want to go back to the overall forums list, I use my browser back arrow to get back to the overall forums list, rather than ever picking the Forums folder icon ever again. If I forget and do click on the Forums folder, I can never get into the messages again except by closing that window and relogging in to the Expat site.

I'm using something called SlimBrowser, which is pretty much equivalent to Microsoft Internet Explorer for all practical purposes.

28-07-2003, 14:58
I think you'll find that the problem is cookie based. Have you enabled cookies?

28-07-2003, 20:54
Yes, I agree that the problem is cookie based.

My security settings say that cookies are alowed unless I haven't given some implicit consent to them, or something like that.

I have the same settings for the New York Times and the LA TImes and the Economist, and they don't suddenly tell me that I have entered the wrong password and keep me from accessing any further content. They are all cookie based.

As I say, it's easy for me to avoid the problem. I just thought I'd mention it -- it's repeatable.

29-07-2003, 08:41
Try using Internet Explorer. See if that gives you the same problem.