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17-03-2005, 22:38
To the P.I.M.P. family :) :) :)

12th week sonogram:

17-03-2005, 22:46

Is it a boy PIMP or a girl PIMP? Though I suppose a girl PIMP would be a Madame?

Ned Kelly
18-03-2005, 07:09
pimp, cool! there's a place that actually puts these things onto dvd for you.

18-03-2005, 07:53
PIMP, if you wanna get unforgettable impressions, make this 3D ultrasound - tel. 101-3797, ul. Timiryazevskaya 1 (Art Med). This is something fabulous - they scan everything possible, the doc makes all possible measurements, can diagnose all abnormalties if there are any (i am sure there're none ;) ). It costs $100. Doc Voevodin (there's another one) even believes he speaks English, so you'll be able to communicate.
But the main thing is that you see your kidika sOOOooOOOO close AND shoot a movie - doctor tapes everything on DVD or VHS. Imagine how shocked your child gonna be to see herself on video in Mummie's tummie when she is 18?? :)
Cool thing indeed :thumbsup:

here's a link http://www.art-med.ru/photo-uzi/

ghost 6-3
18-03-2005, 08:20
Looks just like you.

Or so I've been told.

18-03-2005, 11:29
mmmm - I wouldn't go too overboard with the ultrasounds, especially the 3D ones. No real scientific evidence that I know of, but I still don't think it's all that great for the kid.

18-03-2005, 11:29
and congratulations! we're expecting ours in just under a month - also got the latest "photos" yesterday. :) :) :)

18-03-2005, 12:06
Thanks folks :) It's a little early to see whether a boy or girl, but we should know in a few weeks. Heard the same about excessive sonograms, so we’ll wait till about 5-6 months until we try the 3D option.

The absolutely most surreal feeling yesterday when I was watching the doc do the sonogram and I asked why the baby was so still. She said it was sleeping. Just a moment later it literally woke up and started waving its hands and feet and turning around doing a little jig. Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

18-03-2005, 12:31
Right on, PIMP Daddy!