View Full Version : Police foil saucy role play

17-03-2005, 18:08
An armed police chase involving 22 officers ended in embarrassment when it transpired that the kidnap was actually a sex game.

Squad cars, motorbikes and a helicopter were scrambled when onlookers in the Dutch town of Brunssum saw three men set upon a woman in the street, gag her, handcuff her and throw her into the back of a van. A 20 mile chase ensued, which only ended when the van was forced to stop at a police roadblock.

Armed police ordered the assailants to lie face down on the road before freeing the woman and removing her gag. At which she promptly yelled "you stupid b*******ds! I've been trying to set this up for months and now you've ruined it, just when it was getting interesting!"

A spokesman for the police said that noone had been charged, but that "we advised her next time to arrange to be kidnapped in her own home".