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15-03-2005, 08:51
Does anyone know of a reputable company in Moscow that looks after pets while the owners are away? If so, please post the name and contact information. Thanks.

15-03-2005, 12:21
Many veterinarians have what are called "animal hotels" where they'll look after your pet. He/she will be kept in a cage in a room with other dogs, cats, whatever; he/she will also be fed and watered regularly, provided with a litter box, and/or taken out for exercise, if needed.

Don't know what part of town you're in, but there's a decent service just off of ul. Butlerova, between the Kaluzhskaya and Belayevo metro stations.

17-03-2005, 13:01
From a message I posted a while back:

When I needed somewhere to leave my cat (back when I only had one ) I arranged for a place through my vets, Yuri & Valeria - they have a couple of places that they recommend, and I was completely satisfied. It was a homestay, not a kennel, but the animals there were well cared for, happy and healthy. You can contact them at 8 501 439 3956 or via the www.moscowanimals.org website.

18-03-2005, 14:52
You can visit vet shop Markvet. There are 2 branches (metro station Aeroport & Oktyabrskoe pole). There are a lot of ads about vets. I am sure you find info about hotels for pets.

Aeroport - address Leningradsky pr, 66
tel 151-75-39, 151-42-22, 151-08-84
work hours 9.30-21.00

Oktyabrskoe pole - Gen. Glagoleva st, 1
tel 942-08-61, 197-04-84, 199-60-06
work hours 9.30-20.00