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15-04-2010, 17:18
Ok, so most expats probably don't know about our magazine, Russian Life, because, well, it's published in the US for Russophiles who live outside Russia (but like to visit and likely many wish they could live there). The magazine has been around for 50 years and we have been publishing it for just over 15...

Anyway... So we have started up a series of very short, interesting, humorous, instructive stories by expats. If you have one to share, please message me directly with a paragraph summary of the story. (Don't post stories here.) If we are interested, we will ask you to send us the story.

Here is what we are looking for:
1. Short stories (600-800 words max.)
2. True stories.
3. Stories that illuminate Russian/non-Russian cultural and other differences.
4. Stories that are "family friendly."
5. Stories that have not been published elsewhere.

We pay a modest honorarium upon publication. Since we only come out six times a year, we can only publish the best stories. But we may get so interested in a story we decide to give it a longer treatment.

Vsevo khoroshevo,

Paul Richardson
Editor (editors at russianlife dot com)
Russian Life magazine (russianlife dot com)