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04-03-2005, 03:50
Classic Wu:
<snip>If you look at the big picture, here's how it is. When you pass from this world, you will simply be forgotten among the billions of people who lived and died throughout history and never did anything special to stand out. On the other hand, I've made historical landmarks in parapsychology, writing the first book of its kind refuting all the arguments of organized skepticism against the paranormal, which got wide acclaimation (I can show you many articles about me praising this work), got me interviewed on lots of radio stations, invitations to international conferences, etc. I did something unique and set myself apart from the rest, making me an interesting and fascinating person to get to know. Im not saying that Im going to go down in history textbooks in all classrooms, but at least I'll be remembered above you as having stood out in some way (a good way). Besides this, I've done other unique things as well, which you can read about in the short bio on my website. </snip>

After reading this I have decided to start the Winston Wu Memorial Fund so we can erect a 50 foot tall monument of Winnie in downtown Yoshkar Ola so all the peasants of this fair city can gaze upon this enlightened shining beacon of humanity with awe and reverance. Also with his writings, we will be immortalizing them for the ages and hope to have it become the bible for travellers to Russia and Russians alike. Being a project of such mammoth proportions to reflect the giant of a man that is Winnie Wu, naturally we will need much funds. Can you kind people here at Expat dig deep and please assist with funding. Every kopek you can spare will be greatly appreciated and we promise not to use any of the funds to buy prostitutes for Winnie.

Barney Gumble
President WWMF (Winston Wu Memorial Fund)

ghost 6-3
04-03-2005, 06:27
How do I donate?

04-03-2005, 10:38
hey...did he not see lichny number? Hal is gonna live forver in film man....he can't top that!