View Full Version : Doctor Who and the Daleks. Then, now, future

04-04-2010, 20:41
What do you think of Doctor Who and the Daleks. At one time the producers had thought of cutting out the daleks in future productions. But it take them long to decide that this would be a major mistake, because as we all know it was The Daleks that made Doctor Who from the beginnning , in the sixties. So what do have now, a more modern dalek. It is worth looking behind the scenes of how the daleks are produced. And without doubt, Doctor Who and the Daleks are considered part of British culture in history.

These are just taster for those who don't know what I mean about Doctor Who and the Daleks.



It is also worth watching Doctor Who Confidential. There are later episodes up to now in 2010, but I haven't found them yet.

Sorry they are now up to date now on my last view. Now I have more to watch. Here it is