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04-04-2010, 19:32
dear friends ,
the cricket season 2010 is on our door step .. and we are looking for some new players for our cricket club )) so if anyone intrested pls contact us.

04-04-2010, 19:49
oh my God...is the no escape from that infernal sport!

I am an aussie but strictly a rugby man...Volgograd is full of Indian students who of course love cricket and get very excited about meeting an Aussie.

Of course, according to the "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" the origins of cricket are far more sinister(and probably more interesting to watch):

It has been said that on Earth alone in our galaxy is Krikkit (or cricket) treated as a fit subject for a game, and that for this reason the Earth has been shunned; this only applies to our Galaxy, and more specifically to our dimension. In some higher dimensions, they feel they can more or less please themselves, and have been playing a peculiar game called Brockian Ultra Cricket for whatever their transdimenional equivalent of billions of years is.
Brockian Ultra-Cricket
A curious game which involves suddenly hitting people for no readily apparent reason and then running away. "Let's be blunt, it's a nasty game," says The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The rules are as follows:

Rule One: Grow at least three extra legs. You won’t need them, but it keeps the crowds amused.
Rule Two: Find one extremely good Brockian Ultra Cricket player. Clone him off a few times. This saves an enormous amount of tedious selection and training.
Rule Three: Put your team and the opposing team in a large field and build a high wall around them. The reason for this is that, though the game is a major spectator sport, the frustration experienced by the audience at not actually being able to see what’s going on leads them to imagine that it’s a lot more exciting than it really is. A crowd that has just watched a rather humdrum game experiences far less life affirmation than a crowd that believes it has just missed the most dramatic event in sporting history.
Rule Four: Throw lots of assorted items of sporting equipment over the wall for the players. Anything will do – cricket bats, basecube bats, tennis racquets, skis, anything you can get a good swing with.
Rule Five: The players should now lay about themselves for all they are worth with whatever they find to hand. Whenever a player scored a “hit” on another player, he should immediately run away as fast as he can and apologize from a safe distance. Apologies should be concise, sincere, and, for maximum clarity and points, delivered through a megaphone.
Rule Six: The winning team shall be the first team that wins.

04-04-2010, 23:30
dear friends ,
the cricket season 2010 is on our door step .. and we are looking for some new players for our cricket club )) so if anyone intrested pls contact us.

Hi there, i am interested to join. Where do you play ?

18-04-2010, 13:15
Cricket is my Favourite sports . I like to watch the cricket match also.

05-05-2010, 20:29
Haven't played since leaving UK (been the past 5 years in Helsinki), and would like to get back into it.