View Full Version : Best park for running

02-04-2010, 17:09
Looking for some fresh air, rolling hills and little bit of nature.

What park is the best in or near Moscow for this? Clearly marked trails would help also!

02-04-2010, 17:18
The best place - Hill of Respectful Salutation. Park Pobedy metro station.
And I like also Park in Altuf'evo

03-04-2010, 17:39
For rollerblades m. Park Pobedy area (Poklonka) of course as Nuyska said. Blue line, W.

Also "big circle" of VDNH area (Exhibition Center at m. VDNH, orange). BTW there is biggest botanic garden nearby but I don't know about tracks quality in it. This botanic garden has entrance fee (not huge though) and is reachable from VDNH territory or from m. Vladykino (grey line N).

MSU and Vorobievy Gory area, plus Luzhniki sporting complex and a kind of surrounding green zone across the river (m. Vorobievy Gory, red line, SW).

22-04-2010, 20:58
Velotrassa at Molodezhnaya awesome HILLS! Wish I were rich enough to afford to live there again but effed if I'm paying 40k for a 1 roomer!

Kuzminki-Belaya Dacha-trails no annoying cars, but watch for horses. They also just put porta johns all over the park :) WITH PAPER! I was in shock!



V Gori across from Luzhniki-mild hills

Litkarino-Volkusha(30 min bus from Kuzminki) VERY HILLEE roots and ruts too;)

Izmailovsky Park-flat but BIG

Bitsevsky-rolling hills June- hellaciously hilly half marathon