View Full Version : To all you lovely people

28-02-2005, 07:42
There has been a lot of issues regarding moderators, clicky thingies etc over the last few weeks

Also apparently a lot of abuse towards women on the site

Guys, I have been quite busy with my real job, and I have had only dial up... now got T1 super great wonderful :), so I will try and be on more.

If someone feels aggrieved or abused, please drop m e a PM

As to the hassles with the mods, well right or wrong I hope it stops from today.

I would like to make a few things clear:

Mods are human

They are here to help keep the site clean

They do get angry and annoyed like normal people

The rules set down for the mods are fairly clear but mainly common sense should prevail

It is very difficult to be a good mod, objectivity and unbiased moderating is very difficult

As a mod, they are allowed to express their opinion

Other issues:

Any abuse please PM me with a link, I will then deal with

Anything you think needs to be looked at for any reason, out of order mainly, drop me a PM

You can use the report to Moderator if you want

Above all, I love you all :) well most of you that is... well about 50% of you....ermmm nah only about 20%....dohh... actually I hate you all and me as well.... that is it, my life is at an end.... this site is my life I can't live without it... yeah right ;)