View Full Version : Best place to go for a run?

28-03-2010, 18:38

Only been here a short while, but Moscow seems a little runner unfriendly. Any places you'd suggest I'd go?


28-03-2010, 20:40
Runners are in parks, due to run on the street (a lot cars) is not good, to my mind.

You can find some parks not far away from your house (in the centre, it is a problem).

If you live in the South (green line) there are Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsino parks, where I see a lot of people going in for sport.

Sokolniki, Izmailovo, Losiny Ostrov - on the east of Moscow.

Temiryasovsky is on the north

Strogino is on the north west.

I do it in Tsaritsino park and it's forest, due to they are 10 minutes of walk from my house.