View Full Version : Happy Birthday Wasted!

24-02-2005, 11:16
All the best wishes an all! :inlove::hooray:

I'm sick at home so can't join ya and give my greetings and kisses in person :cry: however I'll have a shot of hot milk to you tonight! :drink: :D

Have a great celebration and once again HAPPy BiRthDay and let all your wishes and dreams come true! :agree:

:inlove: K

24-02-2005, 15:14
I just felt bad that no one cared enough to say that they are sorry to hear that you're sick. Get well!:)

24-02-2005, 15:25
yankee thank you! :inlove: actually they all who care gave me a ring ;) :D

One More Time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Don! :hooray: party party party time! ;):drink: :nut: :hooray: