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20-03-2010, 22:29
Hello everyone,

I'm a 21 year old student from the US and I've been searching and searching for internship opportunities in Russia this summer. I haven't had much luck, and was hoping that posting here I could find some help. Any ideas, suggestions, job offers, etc are most welcome.

Thank you,


20-03-2010, 22:33
Your probably not gonna find an internship here. You can always check big companies but they most likely want Russians. That being said you can pay companies for internships. Two that come off the top of my head are the following




20-03-2010, 22:41
I do not know, if it can help, but one of the options is to workdfor some recreation camps for young people.

The first which comes to my mind is Orlyonok (they do not pay much), which is next to the Black Sea (30 minutes of driving from Tuapse).

I think you can send you CV with explanation what you can offer them: umc@orlyonok.ru

You can mention, that you can creat 1 month intensive course of English and can work for 3-3 months for example there.