View Full Version : Aids Test for Visa

15-02-2005, 18:09
Know some one a english speaking Doc or a Hospital for this Test in moscow?


15-02-2005, 18:23
american medical center, american clinic, sos clinic (all on grokholsky) european medical center...

however if you can brave the 5-second procedure in russian, www.invitro.ru is way cheaper than all the med centers catering to foreigners.

15-02-2005, 18:43
i just heard something interesting last week about EMC's procedures. when i've had them, it's been a whopping 80 euro to get test and certificate there with a quick turnaround. evidently, you can also get the 'slower service' test results for 500 rubles. i would call first to ask, but now i know for next time.

15-02-2005, 18:46
invitro cost me R230 for next-day, with certificate.

15-02-2005, 18:49
cost me 270.

but it's still a better deal than EMC.

15-02-2005, 18:56
indeed...cheaper is good...:-)

15-02-2005, 20:49
Ok, i try the cheapest way in invitro. thanks all!

15-02-2005, 22:08
As long as you know that some Russian embassies require just not the results of the test but a "certificate" (whatever that means), so I guess no handwritten jobs from Russian poly-clinics anymore.

It has also been known for the embassy to insist you have in done in the country where the embassy is situated, often at a specified clinic. So no dodgy money-making scam there, then.

Your best bet is to contact the embassy directly just before you leave as often the rules differ for different nationalities, different kinds of visa and if the woman who picks up the phone is having a bad hair day.