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11-02-2005, 10:46
anyone advise me on a decent dentist who is also cheap...

got some gum problems i want to get looked at fairly quickly...

looking for something between a russian doctor who will pull out all my teeth and an american who will insist i have 43 operations to make my teeth super bright and exactly symmetrical...


12-02-2005, 09:19
ooooh my favorite place in Moscow.....the stomatolog....(sarcasm)
Last yr, all my old fillings took a crap at once and basically it was time to replace my mouth. I had 8 crowns done in Moscow and saved myself a sh*tload of $$$$$$. It was the year before that my dentist in the States told me I needed a mouthful of crowns. During the winter of 03-04 I found a good dentist recommended by a friend. She is at the Stomakomplekc near Dinamo. You will need to take an 18 or 19 marshrutka about 15 min from the metro to get there. BEWARE- stomakomplekc does good work but plan on shooting an afternoon and a day from work in the waiting room:( IN late 03 I was able to get molars done(root canals, impressions,crowns) for just under 300 but prices went up in the new yr so I started going to another friend's dentist at Kurskaya-place is called Dental Stil number is 917-03-07 and they are on the same side of the street as the Boarhouse about a 5 min walk down . Root canals, and crowns run in the high 200s range per tooth if they are molars slightly less for smaller teeth. There is never a wait as they get you in when your appt is scheduled.
Materials at both places are porcelain crowns (metalla keramika) brought in from Germany and the U S. Personally, I went w/ porcelain sine I wasn't up for the gold tooth -babushka look at the ripe age of 30. I know there are places you can get crowns and root canals for under 200 but quality is who knows what and I will only go to a dentist/doc etc with good recommendations from friends because you can get some crappy work if you are not careful. As far as my" Russian teeth" -no prob last fall my dentist in the States had a look and he said the work was excellent
:agree: ;)