View Full Version : Travel agency question - urgent.

10-02-2005, 17:29
Does anyone know a travel agency where:

I can reserve a ticket
Have it delivered to my office
Pay the courier in roubles for the ticket.

I am willing to pay a small premium for delivery.


10-02-2005, 17:36
Thats how we pay Infinity ...also think Alpha Omega do the same service ...

10-02-2005, 17:38
Although I also use Infinity, I believe Alpha Omega do offer courier delivery as do Avantix.

10-02-2005, 17:47
Thank you.

Why, then, does the Infinity web site say that they accept cash payments at their offices?

Or am I just suffering from functional illiteracy?

10-02-2005, 17:47
Once you reserve via the Net they ask you if you want courier delivery. It may be 10 dollars extra - cannot remember as I don't avail myself of the service.

10-02-2005, 17:50
courier delivery - yes, they charge 10$ for it.

fair enough.

but what I want to do is pay the courier the full price of the ticket. I do not want to have to shlep to some travel agency to pay my cash. If I was willing to do that, I wouldn't be looking for an agency that would deliver, would I?

10-02-2005, 17:56
Hmm..strange - so the courier service is only for those who pay by card? I did not know that. Try the other 2, or ring Infinity to clear up the misunderstanding. I always thought you reserve on the Net, courier comes, and you pay in full.

10-02-2005, 17:59
With Infinity the courier comes here we pay them - same with AO - I know this for sure as I just asked the person who did it last week !

10-02-2005, 20:36
Thanks guys.

Will call them tomorrow and try and get a straight answer.