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Mother Russia
22-09-2003, 21:58
hello every one
simple and easy
How to make money here in Russia ?
will be glad to listen to your ideas
let the devil do some work !!!!!!!

22-09-2003, 22:40
Well, first you need an idea, then some capital, then some connections..... being in Moscow or St Pete helps, too. ;-)

22-09-2003, 23:00
oh, we shouldn't worry - he's already started here in expat cafe :p

Mother Russia
22-09-2003, 23:08
Originally posted by Hermiona
oh, we shouldn't worry - he's already started here in expat cafe :p
hey kid ,,,when you grow up a bit more ,,,i guess then we can talk

23-09-2003, 05:48
Keep your eyes open, there are many gaps in the market and lots of money looking for an outlet to finance good (and sometimes not so good) ideas

25-09-2003, 16:48
Like laundromats!

25-09-2003, 17:22
Hmm, hard work, grit, blood and tears......

25-09-2003, 18:18

Grit or greed?:cool:

25-09-2003, 18:59

Greed is a self depreciating factor and often causes more troubles for the person, what goes round comes round :)

26-09-2003, 11:36
Agreed, Sensei;)

"Greed" is not about us, people aiming to be rich:) :rolleyes:

But who's blood then?:eek:


26-09-2003, 13:13
How to be rich. ;-)

Story time. ;-))))

For the last two years, I`ve been at home, stuffed by the IT recession and running my own diamond import/export business on the side. I make a FEW dollars at it - the odd thousand here, the odd thousand there. Not much, eh ?

I get several big firms trying to use me as an (unpaid) consultant. No chance. ;-)))))))) I know my stuff, though. I mainly work with rough diamond export from Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, where I am connected - via contacts - right the way up.

The rough diamond game - the legal rough diamond game - is the dirtiest, most back stabbing, two timing lying, cheating, *nasty* business in the world and you spend most of your time just surviving the rip offs, rather than doing business.

How to be rich - the story.

I`ve got a friend in Brazil who`s the head of a mining association of garimpeiros - artesanal miners. Every weekend, depending on the pattern of the rains, he and 450 friends go out 180km into the countryside and get rough diamonds. He`s not an educated man - not by a long way - and by his own admission, he`d last five minutes in business. There is NOTHING he can not tell me about rough diamonds. The man is an expert.

He lives in a normal house, drives a second hand car and can just about to feed his family, despite being in the diamond business for 20+ years. He is literally up to his knees in diamonds. The association gets 2000 carats - 400 grammes - of gem grade white rough diamonds a week. These will cut into - what ? - 800 ct of finished stones.

Carlos has NO idea of the market price of these in NYC. They leave his hands - and the hands of his friends for nothing. He never makes more than a few Brazilian Reals off them - and so long as he`s got enough to pay the bills.... he`s happy enough. Yes, he`d like to be rich, but there is zero chance of doing it where he is. No cutting facilities, no chance of getting the right paperwork.... no idea of the big picture.

If he could just make a few thousand dollars, he`d try and set up his own little cutting factory. But he`s got the wrong personality to do it. He won`t PUSH. He`s happy to say "aaaah, what the hell ? " and open a beer up and look at "all this beauty around him." He`ll just go with the system - won`t ask the mining agents for a discount - everyone else has to conform to what HE has - or they can go somewhere else. They do.

Carlos is surrounded by diamonds. He has the opportunity.
But not the capital
Or the personality
Nor is he in the right location.
So he`s lost. Forget it. Never happen.

Every time I set something up in Brazil, as a knee jerk reaction, an automatic response, people get greedy. I used to set up rough diamond buying tours for a consultancy fee of $300 a day. Within about six trips my "business associates" were saying, "Look, this is nothing compared to what we`re selling. "

"Tough" says I, "because by industry standards you`re getting a great deal. So. Put up, shut up, get some cash together from that $300 a day and we`ll buy some rough, get it cut in the US and make 80-100% profit."

No, they wanted $500 a day, and the buyers... as I said they would - went elsewhere. Four months on, the Brazilians are pursuing lunatic ideas in the vain and forlorn hope of getting rich quick.

Forget it. Never happen.

26-09-2003, 13:18
The point ?

To do business anywhere you have to be utterly, utterly realistic. If you`re not, then reality will come around and bite you HARD.

You need to be in the right place, which, in Russia, is Moscow or St Petersburg. Anywhere else, forget it, the market isn`t there.

You need to have your own capital ($$$$$) to start up. Someone elses` capital is no use unless you know them or trust them completely.

Being greedy means a sure fire road to eventual failure.

Ideas are nothing. I have 6 good ideas before breakfast. Ideas are just ideas, until they are made to work.

You also have to be totally RUTHLESS. I mean, RUTHLESS. If an idea doesn`t work you drop it. I`ve seen so many people in the diamond game hold onto ideas like they were babies.... long after the idea stopped working.

Having said that - Russia IS a land of potential opportunity - compared to the West. It`s a developing market, with a lot of difficulties involved in working there but potentially huge rewards. It CAN be done. But. The bottom line ?

Anyone can move to a new location
Anyone can have an idea
Anyone can get some money together

But whether it works or not depends on the individual person.

09-10-2003, 22:53
I heard a long time ago; it may no longer be true, that diamonds were in artificially short supply, and that if all the diamonds that were available came out of the mines, their value would go to nothing.

Diamonds are also an example of a commodity that was PR'd into popularity; they weren't seen as romantic at all untill after many years of advertising and promotion, rather like Valentine's Day.

Anybody have an idea on an easy place in Russia to invest $10,000 for a reasonable profit?

09-10-2003, 23:18
Hi Geneven, right on both points. ;-))

About 150 years ago, diamonds were the sole preserve of the ultra rich and wealthy. Everyone used to give pearls as engagement rings.

Well. Along came DeBeers and invented the entire diamond market - slogan - "A diamond is forever". The result of this was that diamonds were artificially hyped to the general public. DeBeers operated a "buy everything " policy - in case diamond parcels weren`t sold on the open market of bourses and sights, "The Company" would merely step in as a guaranteed buyer.

Few years back, DeBeers floated on the stock market. The investors opened the vaults of the company to find $4.5 billion worth of diamonds stored there.

"Sell `em" said the shareholders.

One quick profit later, DeBeers` buying policy was in ruins and the bottom started falling out of the market. Result was that through competition (including some Russian competition) - DeBeers` market share dropped to 55% amd a lot of small miners went to the wall. All good clean fun. ;-))))

The whole "diamond invention" perpetrated by DeBeers is just an invention. If diamonds went out of vogue then there exists more than enough stocks in the world which, if placed in the hands of jewelers all over the world, would destroy the price of diamonds. Actually, even though 25 tonnes of ore have to be shifted to find one carat of gem grade stone, diamonds are actually quite common and there`s effectively a world glut of them. However. DeBeers is being run so badly that certain stocks (5ct + rough) are disappearing.... ship without a mast, there.

And it`s a damn hard business to make a $$$ in. ;-)))

10-10-2003, 00:03
Originally posted by Mother Russia
hello every one
simple and easy
How to make money here in Russia ?
will be glad to listen to your ideas
let the devil do some work !!!!!!!

Get a governmental job.;)

10-10-2003, 00:29
Heheheheee...... no, really ? ;-))))))

Originally posted by machine
Get a governmental job.;)

10-10-2003, 00:33
I'm dead serious :-|

10-10-2003, 00:40
Yep, I know.... ;-))))

12-10-2003, 05:16
From what I have read.. an import business dealing exclusively in hangover cures, blu tack and marmite...

12-10-2003, 06:02
The edible hangover cure you can stick on the wall ! ;-)) Sally, your fortune is assured. You`ll definitely make all the papers, that`s for sure. ;-))))))))))))

12-10-2003, 15:26
Open a ruddy Chippie/Kebab Shop on Novy Arbat and you'll get at least $200 out of me every month ;)

12-10-2003, 17:56
i heard there used to be a chippie at Novokuznetskaya a long time ago but the owner, a Brit went bust.

14-10-2003, 14:54
Rob a bank
Rip off a dealer
Put on a uniform
Grow dope
Become a writer
Start a business
Marry into money honey

and a ton of other stuff .... must go and lay down now and whisper things .... my head hurts just thinking about the possibilities.