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04-03-2010, 13:48
computer equipment
Guys i am posting this on behalf of my wife. her company is selling them. I do not know the first thing about computers excepting to turn on and off !! so it would be no good asking me questions about them but i am sure i could find out just not instantly..

1. Printer HP LaserJet 1012 with new cartridge - 3000 RUB

2. 2 computers и 2 samsung monitors 19" 10 000 RUB each complete
P4 HT L2Cahe1024,2048DDR,HDD160GB,Sound Intell(R) Integrated,Video Intell(R) 82865G,DVD-RW,Floppy,6USB

3. Server 40000 RUB
Case SuperMicro CSE-733TQ-645B(Black) Mid tower Chassis,MB SuperMicro PDSGE-O Intel,955X,1066/800/533Mhz,upto 8GB unbuf ECC DDRII Dual Ch,Intel Pentium D 3.0/2x2M/800Mhz LGA775,Box,2xDDR2 Kingston 1Gb 667Mhz ECC,3xSeagate HDD 80 GB SATA-II,8Mb,NCQ,7200rpm

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11-03-2010, 13:05
Still you have this or sold it