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waste not want not
07-02-2005, 20:11
Ok so I am starting to wear out and want to get an idea of when and where you would like to see this event held.

The Buffet is a small cozy place that has caught our attention of late on Tuesdays. The prices are good and the food excellent. Avg Tuesday 15-20 people.

The Hard Rock Wednesdays has it's ups and downs but last week really kicked in and we had a head count over 50. The service is getting better though the drinks need an octane boost, free snacks and the crowd is mixed.

The original home "Shamrock Bar" goes back into action starting tomorrow Feb 8th. A long time favorite but as times change so do people's opinions. Decent service, but hell it was home for a lot of us. I don't want to get a third night going so no there will be no Thursday events.

I know everybody runs on different schedules so the mixed nights work. Let me know your thoughts

16-03-2005, 22:00
Buffet is great... and its near my office...

Seriously, they do a great biz lunch, their service to us when we all went was great.

I was at Shamrock last night and to be honest I don't like to hear the same music from the same guys every time.... just my opinon

HR, well great place but difficult for all to chat in a cirlce type of thing :)