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01-03-2010, 10:12
Has anyone imported a dog to Moscow from the UK in the last 6 months? I rang up DEFRA to ask what to do and they sent me three letters to attach to the pet passport. This looked far too easy! I then rang the Russian Embassy in London and they said I had to get an international health certificate a month before, which had to be sent from DEFRA. I would then need to take the dog to my vet, get it checked, send the certificate back to DEFRA who would then stamp it and send it back to me. I rang back DEFRA who said this was new and they would need to get these new rules in writing from the Embassy. The Embassy so far has not got back to me.

We want to be able to take the dog in and out of Russia so it is important to get this right. I think it is easy to get them in, but if the importation paperwork is not right then it is difficult to export them.

Any shared experiences would be gratefully received!

01-03-2010, 11:31
we have just brought a dog from UK, London for my boss ( a golden retriever dog)

Use only AEROFLOT!!!! and take the dog as EXCESS LUGGAGE only so in this case you will pay only for extra luggage, just get the international vet passport, vet check in London, and buy a proper cage



01-03-2010, 11:39
"A Big Thanks to Dr. Yuri and Valeria


Let me just say again what a big help Vet Yuri and his wife Valeria can be for expats importing and exporting pets. Of course, if you speak Russian, you will find plenty of caring, qualified, knowledgeable vets in Moscow. But if you don't . . .

Let me just say that Valeria came to the airport with me (she and Yuri drove my kids, for heaven's sake . . . long story, but we ended up going in three cars), handled ALL the administrative paperwork (I never even went to the vet office at SVO), plus accompanied us to check-in and arranged for us to get a whole row to ourselves (the extra seats proved invaluable later when I was suddenly sick with a stomach virus . . . nothing like using TWO air sickness bags . . . my idea of a fun trip).

She also advised us when we prepared to come to Moscow. I did not ask them to meet us at the airport (DME), but they would have if I had arranged for it. Turns out entering is pretty easy.

Call Valeria at +7 901 539 39 56 or at yuriandvaleria@gmail.com (she asked me to share her contact information). She is very knowledgeable about the process and very pleasant to boot. I'm just sorry I was feeling so sick the day we left . . . I'm afraid I was a little distracted trying not to vomit in the airport :-( "