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27-02-2010, 01:10
Hello all,
I would like some information about current working conditions in the IT & Telecom sector in Moscow. I have a 12-year experience on development, pre-sales and product management in multinational telecom european companies. Can speak english fluently, some german, and basic russian (worked for 6 months in Moscow few years ago).

Is there any specific site for IT&Telecom jobs in Moscow for expats ? Whats the minimum salary package I can ask for this experience ? Do you think is better relocate first and then search for a job ? How much time on average someone needs to find a desired job in IT/Telecom sector ?

thanks in advance

27-02-2010, 01:15
www. hh. ru is my site for looking for a job.

You know, russian can be the main issue to work in the country, not matter, what position you are looking for.

At any rate, russian companies pay more then international companies, so try the site for the biginning.

In case you need more sites of agancies, let me know via PM (I would not like to advertise all of them here).

27-02-2010, 13:43
Ideal would be to find a similar job with my latest experience pre-sales and product management. But I am open to discuss other offers too. I want though to move first having a job and then start learning the language.