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25-02-2010, 14:51
I have just got a medical spravka for absence of infectious diseases, and a separate HIV spravka, from a clinic, for a work permit. Now, at the same time, I'm doing TRP, and getting the documents together for that. Don't ask why I'm doing both - it's a long story.
Anyway, having gone to my local clinic, as required by my local UFMS, for the TRP medical, I then went to the other clinic (at Electrozavodskaya, which is not my local area) to do the work visa medical.
I thought, I wonder if this medical is also valid for TRP? Logical, isn't it?, seeing as the tests are all the same. So I asked the lady there, and she gave me a funny look and said "of course, why do you think half of these guys are here doing it?". It looks exactly the same as the thing I've heard other people on here describing - blue form, Meditsinskoye Zakluchenye, with HIV form stapled to it. So why couldn't I do my TRP medical here, in 90 minutes, instead of spending 10 days going from one clinic to another for my local UFMS? Might this work visa medical form be valid for TRP? Is it worth trying? God help this benighted country.

25-02-2010, 17:31
In answer to my own question -I just went to my local UFMS and asked. AND the medical spravka for a work visa is NOT valid for TRP, because - quote - "it's from a commercial organization."
Which begs the question, why is that spravka acceptable for the Russian government to grant me a work visa and let me live here for a year, but not acceptable for the Russian government to grant me a TRP and let me live here for a year?

Is this the worst-run country in the world apart from North Korea and Somalia? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Am I going to leave very soon, for ever?

25-02-2010, 19:12
To your posts I would like to add some of my own experiences.

- a couple of years ago, suddenly FMS decided that for the work permit, they only would accept medical certificates from the state clinics. The private clinics decided to take legal steps, and the court ruled that the FMS requirement was an infraction to the anti-monopolistic rules.
Private clinics make a lot of money on these tests, and all expats need them, so I think it was just a question of `big money`.
For the TRP, FMS still requires certificates from the state clinics. Very few expats go through these tests, so there is no `big money` for the private clinics. Hence, the FMS rule still exists. Nobody is going to fight it...
My medical certicates from the European Medical Clinic were accepted for the work permit, but refused for the TRP.

- so I had to take the tests in the state clinics that were indicated to me. After I went through all the tests, I received my certificate. I asked if I could get a `duplicate certificate`, so that I could use one copy for the TRP and the other for my next Work Permit.
The answer was NO. If you need 2 certificates, you should inform the people in the very first clinic, that they should do the tests TWICE !!!
Complete idiocy, but that is the way it is.

25-02-2010, 22:38
Yes, bureaucracy in Russia is ourstanding... Different instructions for dufferent organizations and so on..... sparvky.... it is a shit for Russians as well,,, Thatks God, we do not need to face them too often..

But there are some good improvements.

For example, I did not prepare a lot of dox for my permanent registration and they did it within 3 days, besides when I needed a new driving licence, I sppent one day by the wasy, they accepted a sparvka from commercial hospital.

These two case of my experience with bureaucracy were the only within 5 years.

So, it is annoying, but taking into account that there was a need only twice within 5 years, it is OK.

But I understand you!