View Full Version : happy birthday bob!

07-02-2005, 00:13
happy birthday bob marley!
rastaman vibration yeah! positive!

bob marley the great. amazing how far he reached: there's reggae in russia for christ's sake!

i was recently in a concert where inna zhelannaya and her band announced they were going to do a reggae song... we russians created reggae - she added, i hope in an affectionate manner ;)

now seriously, if you like reggae check out those guys 5'nizza. they're damn good!

so happy birthday bob marley! oh lord rastafari! i pray the lord rastafari to give me luck with the police and the powers that be, and the religious wackos knocking at my door to sell me a ticket to heaven, oh lord rastafari! one for you tonight! ...and tomorrow, well, every day, yeah forever! ...and ever!