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23-02-2010, 13:21
Hello Folks,
Will need a 2-bedroom apartment (surface up to 100 sq.m.) from sept. 1, 2010, in Moscow centre, fully furnished and air cond., 1 balcony, with parking if possible.
I have two questions,
1- Is it wise to be in the centre in terms of shops, and every-day life facilities?
2- Can you indicate a price range?
Thanks for your indications.

23-02-2010, 14:15

Moscow centre is quite large and even those Muscovites who lived next to Aeroport Metro station thinks they live in the centre (which may be true, but in the beginning of the 20th century, there were villages there next to Moscow and at Metro Dinamo, there was a forest-park, where Muscovites spent week ends on their summer houses).

As for conditions of flat, it can be different, but 100 sq. metre is someting of 3 rooms appartment (may be even 2 but in a very modern house).

By 3 rooms appartment we mean 3 rooms (not 3 bed rooms).

Price are different as well ($2000 will be minimum price 9I guess more for 3 roomd ppartment in the center).

Infrustrucrue in Moscow is quite good (food shops) and developed, but in the very centre (next to Kremlin), there may be quite few and not with good choice and high prices).

My advice is:

1. to look trhough the site of one of the agencies (just to understand the price and preliminary information about renting in Moscow); But it helps, if you can read russian (to use Google may be not helpful in this case);


2. to decide what area you need (where your office);

3. to send PM to Tsaritsa (who is a renting agent)

24-02-2010, 13:23
1- Is it wise to be in the centre in terms of shops, and every-day life facilities?

It's relative what to call centre, but I think if you consider very downtown (inside garden ring) cost of living will be just outrageous. This is in case you're not only renting, but also do all the shopping, entertainment and all everyday life stuff in downtown.

However like it was mentioned earlier, some areas in a few subway stops from ring line would be a great choice. Just as an example: my relatives live in between Leninskiy prospect and Tulskaya. Formally speaking it's not in the centre but it's just in 15 minutes from downtown by subway or 30 minutes by bus. In terms of infrastructure they have "Auchan" and "Nash gipermarket" in a walking distance, two large shopping malls, dozens of other shops etc etc., literally everything anyone might need.