View Full Version : Child Custody Lawyer in Moscow

23-02-2010, 12:50
Can anyone recommend a good Russian child custody lawyer, and/or provide anecdotes/advice about child custody law in Russia (esp in terms an ex-pat used to USA and UK law might understand)? The situation:

Trying to help a female friend who has a young son by a previous marriage. She is divorced from husband but child still registered in husband's home. Father has been absent from all aspects of boy's life and has not provided any financial support. Boy is 5-6 years old. Woman wants to move child to Moscow, take full custody, deny father further rights.

23-02-2010, 15:11
I'll try to help you to find such lawyer. I'm knew to moscow and that's why can't point exact law firm. Can you make it clear, did you or she try to find such and if yes, what did you do?

by the way, i need to get more details to find a proper specialist:

1) citizenship of mother
2) citizenship of father
3) citizenship of kid
4) location od them now
5) were there any attempts to solve this problem?

i know that any lawyer will ask you to pay beforehand and that's why i try to get important details at the beginning.

my skype is eduardbobkov.