View Full Version : guidelines of buying cars in Moscow

15-02-2010, 19:30
any help for guidelines of buying cars in Moscow?

Uncle Pasha
10-03-2010, 13:53
Used car dealerships are out of question. Local used car dealers are even worse than their western colleagues. Ideally buy a car off someone you know. If not use www.auto.ru but it is Russian only. DEFINITELY HAVE THE VEHICLE THOROUGHLY INSPECTED. An all-around check costs and equivalent of $70-100. Another tip is to try to leave the car registered to a Russian citizen as foreign citizens are make to jump through additional loops. The same with "tekhosmotr". Questions welcomed.

17-03-2010, 17:31
I think it is www.moscow-help.something that offers services to purchase cars from auto.ru for foreigners.

Try a google search for Moscow Help and email them. Basically they do all the negotiating for you so that the locals don't get wise to the fact that a 'rich foreigner' is trying to buy their car. They also offer to arrange mechanical inspection.

Although I did not use them in the end it seemed like a reasonable option to me.

There are a few used car dealers such as Rolf Motors that offer a safety inspection and a warranty of sorts but they are more expensive.

Good luck!