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The Badger
13-02-2010, 21:35
Hi All :wavey::wavey:

My first business visa is due to expire in March and I'm planning to go to London to get a 2nd 3 month business visa. I live here full time and prior to having business visas I had many work visas. Someone told me in the pub that people applying for a 2nd busines visa are being interviewed at the consulate in order to prove the validity of their application.

Has anyone heard about this?

13-02-2010, 21:51
First of all I no longer have need for a business visa. But in the recent past I have had several business visas and have never had a personal interview. Although if you read the application instructions, they say you they can give an interview at any time.

I personally wouldn't worry about it, if your visit and desire to work is genuine. And yes it all depends which embassy you use. I think the Russian Embassy in London has always had a good reputation of being quick and easy. However they have recently outsourced their applications to an outside agency. I think you will only have an interview only if they have questions to ask , of which is missing in your application. For the majority of applicants I do honestly think it is as normal. They don't have the resources and staff to interview everybody. I wouldn't worry about it, if you have a genuine reason on visiting Russia.

14-02-2010, 00:16
I have an agency do mine for me and they emailed me some questions and that took care of it for me.

28-02-2010, 22:44
Sounds strange, as long as you are prepared to pay you will get the visa.

01-03-2010, 12:26
Sure. I have heard about this. You might also have to provide bank documents from your country in order to prove you actually have enough money !