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09-02-2010, 22:36
YouTube- Crazy Russian 5-story roof jumps into snow

but just because there was lots of snow. for those who-s russian is not so good. it is in the far eastern (Russian far east that is...) town of Magadan. bored jungsters jump off a 5 story building, right into a pile of snow. but the law was there and caught at least one.... suppose he is going to mop the floor for a while in the station....

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09-02-2010, 22:44
A week ago Russian papers wrote about a Moscow woman jumped from 14 floor and stayed alive... By the way does any one remember a story about one Soviet stewardess who survived in a crash when the passenger flight was exploded in Bulgarian (not certain about what and where happened) sky? She stayed alive after falling down from several thousand height. Remember?

10-02-2010, 04:52
Found. It's happened in 1972 on 10.000 metres. The link Публикации | А. Железняков. Энциклопедия "Космонавтика" | Космический Мир (http://www.cosmoworld.ru/spaceencyclopedia/publications/index.shtml?zhelez_05.html) Sorry. I mixed two similar stories. This one is about Yugoslavian stewardess, but those happened to the Soviet one took place in 1985.