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07-02-2010, 18:44

I will be visiting Moscow in May. This will be my 3rd trip to Russia and second trip to Moscow. I may be in a situation where I could move to Moscow in a year or so. Currently, I have a well paying job as a drug counseling program supervisor.
From reading this board and other English teaching websites, teaching English seems to be about low wages and odd hours. With a bachelor's degree in sociology and 18 years working experience in managing staff and counseling, are there other options out there? I know some Russian but it is very basic. I assume the job market is not too good right now. Any feedback would be appreciated.

08-02-2010, 00:13
to become a teacher is one of the good options, but in case you can not do anything else and there is no way out..

I do not know, if the payment is good (I guess, not very, due there were some complaints).

As far as I see, some people prefer to work privately as a teacher, but I am not sure, you can be succesful untill your relatives and friends (from universities, ordinary schools and so on can send (deliver, supply) some clients to you.

you have interesting experience and your western experience can be an benefit in applyig for a job.

Just think, what company (international) you can work for in Russia, check if they are in Moscow and send them your CV.

Besides, I would think even about Russian Companies (the same area of business), due they are interested in good profi and pay a bit more then international (sometimes 2 times more).

Besides, you have got a very good education (and experience in people management), whay do not you think about working in HR department?

You see there are plenty of possiilities, even with minimum Russian speaking skills (in interantional companies, people can and do speak English).

try this site to look for a job: