View Full Version : expat.ru is going what direction?

28-01-2010, 10:44
when i first started to visiting this site, it was nice and level of discussions were high, people were offering their assistance for the once who need, asking for a help of something didnt turn into different argument (which has nothing to to) with the help or info. and people didnt sell all kinds of craps, and try to screw up expat people. it is turning into a useless bazaar.

28-01-2010, 11:15
Nearly all questions asked get answered on this site..We try and help as much as we can..If you have a problem with a thread/post,let one of Admins/Mods look at it and it will be taken care of..
It says in your profile you joined on the 10th of jan, not much of a change in a week or so..

28-01-2010, 11:19
What Judge said.

There are cantankerous people here as in all walks of life. But most members are kind and helpful.

Yes, please let us know if you have specific problems. I'll send Judge to go whack some kneecaps!

Ian G
28-01-2010, 11:20
I don't know- I think the balance of the site is about right. There are 4 classifieds on the first page of recent posts at the moment- out of 24 posts. By far the biggest number of posts is what you describe- people trying to help each other. And threads discussing religion, politics, stupid things happening in the world, bureaucracy, people looking for 'language exchanges' etc. Don't forget- sometimes a classified ad can help you find what you've spent weeke loking for. For someone out there an ad for a flatshare in the centre of Moscow or a second-hand Ikea table will be just what they need.

And remember- it's up to you to raise the standards of the site if you want to

28-01-2010, 11:50
older than you think and people dont have to be member to read the threads, they can read it for a year and you would not even know that. and if so, lets say that i am new what? you dont like the coments that new comers do? or new comers were born on the date that they joined here? anyway, they are selling magazines here and fake cars, dating services, what else. when i first started this site, also met regularly, and go for bowling or pool, and help each other without demanding any money or expecting anything. that was a expat social thing, and i dont understand why people have to get offended what i am writing here. and of course classified adds can help us if they are really classifieds, sometimes they are asking for the price more than it's value, and of course they can ask whatever they want, but as expats we already have handfull problems and people who wants to take a bite from us. why do we have to do this to ourselves? why not help and warn if there is situation.. without getting mad. because of someone might think different.

28-01-2010, 15:13
No one is offended by your observations.

We rely on the suggestions and feedback from the forum members/users. Of course everyone wants to hear the good news, but we need to listen to everything.

Activity on the forum seems to go in cycles: sometimes it is really fun, other times it is, admittedly, a bit dull.

Your comments suggest you care, and that's a good thing.

12-02-2010, 19:30
Dunno...Haven't been here for awhile, and now, when I got back - I could honestly say the forum has improved greatly.:coffee: