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18-01-2010, 20:53
I am 25 Russian professional. I'm looking for flatmate on one room apartment.
The monthly rental fee is 13,000 rubles and security deposit (13,000 rubles). The room is very clean, luminous, tidy and quite spacious, so is the kitchen. There's a wonderful view over Novodevichij Monastir. I have a double bed and there'll be the need to get a folding divan for you to sleep on. There's a washing machine and Internet access in the room.
I'm tidy and not troublesome at all, get along well with people; fully respect personal spaces of other people, non smoker.
If you are interested please PM me.

25-01-2010, 00:47
Vera, hello!

My name is Alex, I'm looking for a room or flat. Yours is good for me. I'm great person. if you interested please call on me. DELETED - PLEASE USE PM

Thank you!

25-01-2010, 12:45
Hello, I am Frida, 40 y.o. I like this region very much)))

28-01-2010, 17:19
sounds good, could you PM me with more details.

10-02-2010, 00:00
Funny how all the people ask Vera to PM them even though she ask you to PM her.:rolleyes: If YOU need a room PM her yourself.