View Full Version : Free fermented vegetable drinks

18-01-2010, 01:32
Copious amounts of fermented vegetable drinks at a pub of (y)our choice are being offered free of charge to any speaker of English who will give me and my girlfriend an opportunity to practice our English conversation skills.

Help us improve our fluency and we will help you get pissed. A mutually advantageous proposition that you cannot refuse. Waste not your time in useless navel gazing, rush to PM me now and take the first step to a free pint.

Help with Russian, if requested, will be forthcoming. But call it not a language exchange for it is not an exchange of languages, no no, your English does not abandon you, you get to keep it plus free fermented vegetable drinks and, if, requested, improved fluency in Russian. Waste no time, start keying in those PMs.

Ian G
18-01-2010, 12:25
George- your english looks way better than that of most so-called 'native speakers'. Wish I was in St Petersburg to try out some of that alcoholic carrot juice or whatever it is you are offering.
Good luck in your quest!

Uncle Pasha
03-05-2010, 21:39
An excellent approach. With limited success I try to encourage my students to do something like that. While your English may need no improvement, understanding some speakers is a skill that still needs to be learned and practiced. Good English is related but not equivalent to the ability to understand and participate in conversation...