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Nadezhda 81
07-01-2010, 22:24
I have never had any major problems with my Internet provider, ie Stream until this year. I have paid my bill and it seems like someone messed up billing. They can't find my money. I was trying to get the information and assistance from their staff but they were rude and not professionals.

Do you know what should I do in this situation? Im trying to find their supervisors phone number or anyone who knows when the problem could be fixed.

Thank you!

08-01-2010, 07:50
How did you pay, scratchcard, transfer, Qiwi? Gimme a call and will take it from there.

Nadezhda 81
09-01-2010, 00:24
They called me. Thanks!

09-01-2010, 08:38
That was pretty fast solution, good for them! :)

Nadezhda 81
09-01-2010, 11:18
After all those pone calls, complaints and etc.... I am not happy with their service. I think in this economic situation we are now, they have to provide the best service ever to keep their clients but no...

10-01-2010, 00:23
Its really interesting, as long as Stream works, you don't really need technical support; but as long as it glitches, telephone support is rather difficult to get through... Seriously, give a try to Corina, or net-by-net, or other direct providers that may be available in your house.

14-01-2010, 00:17
I think in this economic situation we are now, they have to provide the best service ever to keep their clients but no...

well I do not offend anybody, but in my opinion, russians does not care about a customer service at all, and they do not feel that they are in worst situation then before crisis :7525:

Nadezhda 81
14-01-2010, 03:50
You ar absolutelly right!

16-01-2010, 10:13
I also have Stream for Internet, and must honestly confess, their service and telephonical support is not great, but itīs ok; If you donīt speak russian it might be hard to find someone who does, but so far they have always been ok, eventhough sometimes you have to call a couple of times to have your problems resolved.
Concerning the problem withn your payment, I never had any problem with stream, but seems if you pay on the terminal-machines which you find on every corner (priyom platezhei) sometimes the money just gets "lost"....so better never to pay huge amounts....

19-01-2010, 13:14
I believe they should rename the company to SCREAM. The couple of month I worked with them some years ago was were the worst of my life hence SCREAM

19-01-2010, 13:25
I use Stream at two flats + my friend flat for several years and never had any serious problems with them. Tech support is fast and efficient. At least until you speak Russian.

19-01-2010, 13:35
Well its true nightmare when you have computer to dial Strem, like that little window with username and password... Story turns bright and nice, when your router/modem is configured to dial for you, and you just always have Internet! No hassle, fiddling or dialing tech support, you just have it :)

Questions? Just ask. I am happy to help

19-01-2010, 15:02
I would just like to add that I've been a stream subscriber for a few years now, and have no real complaints - the service has been pretty much uninterrupted, and when I've had to talk to technical support they have been good.
I did find though that we had problems with the TV signal, although they went away when I updated the software on my modem - mind you, that took a lot of very deep research in the Stream support forums, and their tech support didn't know anything about it. But if you speak Russian, and are technically literate, the support forums are great, as there are a lot of experienced and helpful users there.

But I can believe that people have had problems - it's not difficult to find a Russian customer service agent who doesn't understand what the words "customer" and "service" mean, in just about any company.

20-01-2010, 10:55
1st .remember where you are, there is no such thing as customer service as it is in the west. you prepay then you are at the companies mercy
2nd. from my experience with every internet company I have had , service when it works is usually ok.... but remember this if you go for say a 5 meg connection, you usually do not get this speed, read the fine print "up to" is said .and at best you may get close to this when you run a speed test.
3rd Stream was good when ADSL became reasonably priced (Sept 2005),now they seem to teach their people to lie.... they didnt deliver anything to me except empty promises+lies
stay clear of NetbyNet no service+ lies
MegaLan can be good but you need to call them constantly about their outages.They never do maintence overnight, it is always done during the height of the business day when you need your service most.
Akado gave me better than normal service (higher speed than I was paying for)for 30days(the 1st month)then the 1st day of the 2nd month of service , my speed+ connection disappeared....lies and broken promises of fixing the problem was their way of doing business... in the 2nd month I didnt download a 700meg film due to no service, they promised free service for the 3rd month , then called and reversed this promise.....
I replaced them with my present service MGTS(same as Stream but 1/3 the price and same usable speed 3meg)they has troubles due to the 1st installer was a fool.....
beware of MGTS , they will try to charge you for things that if you do not know are part of your service(if your service is out for 3 day you are entitled to compensation,and a troubleshooter to come to your home for free)they will try to charge you for this troubleshooter "master", tell them NO I wont pay..and they drop this matter

20-01-2010, 15:28
We use Stream for TV and internet (3 months now). I got a card at their offices which has a Customer Support Number thay they told me would have English speakers. I worked with a tech guy who spoke serviceable English and got the problem solved.

king smith
21-01-2010, 13:21
I know canada has laws prohibiting american companies from broadcasting their content into canada but i was figuring i could get around this by maybe blocking my ip or something like that. Does anyone think this would work or how to do it?

21-01-2010, 14:11
Works via proxy servers or anonymizing Tor networks (http://www.torproject.org/)